A highly expensive keyboard with a cheap mouse seems a weird combination. Therefore, an advanced gaming mouse is equally significant for a top-notch gaming experience. This is where big daddies of the gaming industry such as Asus, Logitech, Razer, and Corsair step in. Rendering one on one state of the art gaming mouse for a complete gaming kit you need to combat the zombie.

A regular gaming mouse functions with the stereotype two buttons. However, an advanced gaming mouse is somehow better in every possible manner. Multiple buttons in the mouse empower you to switch among numerous DPI’s along with additional programmable buttons. So if you are seeking for an excellent gaming mouse for an unforgettable gaming experience, make sure to read the entire thing, as we have the popular gaming mouse of 2020 for you. Imagine a multi-button mouse, helping you in games such as role-playing. Thus you can assign varying features to different buttons for an impeccable gaming experience. Sounds surreal right? This is the power of state of the art gaming mice for a smooth gaming experience.

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Best Gaming Mouse Buying

Best Gaming Mouse

Now, after a clear understanding of the growing need of advanced gaming mice, it’s time to dig deep into the topic. Let’s have a quick sneak peek into some of the hypnotic gaming mice the market offers by our beloved brands.

The majority of you might be confused, what is the purpose of this topic, right? Since the market has tons of brands, utilizing their creativity to render excellent gaming gadgets including keyboard, VR headset, and mouse. So, people who are new to the world of gaming gadgets might get a bit confused while shopping for ane-sports mouse for their system. If you are among them, we are here at your rescue as this is the reason for this article.

Opting for an appropriate gaming mouse from tons of options seems an audits task for sure, so make a sensible choice. One has to keep in mind multiple points while shopping for it. Wireless or wired mouse, basic or advanced e-sports mouse, nutlike buttons, and the list goes on. Wait, are you getting confused? Take a breath and read this guide as it has a solution to all the above queries, helping you make the best decision.

Steel Series Rival 700– The Only Mouse That Vibrates

Steel Series Rival 700 Review

First on our list is the Steel Series Rival 700, the only mouse that vibrates. Rival series of one elite computer peripherals company rendering exceptional products for its esteem buyers. Moreover, the brand is the talk of the town for its impeccable steel series, and all the buyers are head over heels in love with it. The label plays an integral role at assisting professional users with the match, and make up their mark as reputed gaming freak of the world.

Now, before jumping into the detailed study of this excellent e-sports mouse, let us have a fleet look over some of the features to help you choose. Firstly, the steel series 700 stand out amongst its competitors for the advanced OLED display to portray tons of things such as a few of the GIFs expressly built for it. Moreover, you can download it from many series as well.

Furthermore, another feature of the stunning steel series Rival 700 mouse encapsulates a modular design, RGB lighting, OLED display, adjustable DPI settings with maximum 16,000 DPIs on the optical sensor along with 8,000 on the laser sensor, thus making it a complete modular mouse for the ultimate gaming experience. Besides changing of the sensor is quite convenient, all you have to do is buy a spare one matching your need. Regardless of the fact that you are a newbie or an expert user relishing the weekend gaming night with your pals, this mouse is what you need. Appropriate for  FPS, an RPG, an best mmo gaming mouse  or any other name that I am missing, this mouse tackles it all efficiently. Even though the steel series mouse is gamer’s delight and a bit pricey, but I assure you won’t regret (if you are a gaming freak) as it will justify every single penny invested. However, time for a quick sneak peek into the loopholes. Clearly, every set of technology has pluses and some loopholes; the major drawback for this beauty is that it lacks ambidextrous design, hence tough for people who are a leftie.

Therefore, this mouse is by far the best gaming mouse with two drawbacks, expensive separate modules, and not suitable for lefties. Besides, let’s dig deep into the advantages and disadvantages of this beauty to help you make a safer decision:

  • State of the art modular design
  • Industry standard RGB lighting
  • Programmable tactical alerts, informing users regarding in-game happenings
  • The innovative OLED design
  • Authority to personalize your mouse as per need
  • Lacking ambidextrous design
  • Expensive and out of reach of some of the buyers
  • Helpful, but pricey modules

Asus ROG Spatha – Best MMO Gaming Mouse

Asus ROG Spatha Review

Asus announcing for the advanced Spatha gaming mouse was nothing less than a melody for the e-players. However, if you are new and this name is scaring you, then wait and have a look at its specs before passing any judgments. Now, since Asus is the elite gaming accessories brand, people have high expectation towards it. Therefore, when we heard about Spatah, we were somehow ready for the latest e-sports mouse jam-packed with features such as multiple buttons, and RGB effects sync up to other ROG branded products including motherboards, graphics cards or a keyboard by Asus. So allow me to give you a detailed insight of the product as it is a sheer delight from every angle. Firstly, Asus opted to outshine its product by crafting from magnesium alloy and ditching the stereotype material the majority of brands use, impressive, right! So naturally the product is slightly heavy, and likewise, the price is solely for the gamers freak. We have another lightest gaming mouse option for you.

Getting bored? Let’s get down to the main topic, the technical stuff. SO the big ROG Spathae-sports mouse has multiple buttons (that might seems confusing at times), and a super stylish charging bag to WOW your buddies. Passing judgment regarding is it wired or wireless? Wait, the advanced gaming mouse has the ability to function in either way. Lying down of cosy sofa, use it as a wireless mouse, and sitting right up on the system attach the wire and Tada! It is ready.  The beauty has almost every feature a player could ever wish. Its massive 12 programmable buttons can be customized as per your desire. Moreover, 8,200 maximum DPI, amazing ergonomics, and ease of that late night hours of matches add to the beauty. Besides, the main buttons have Omron switches for high click cycle so that there is no interruption during the climax of the game, also in case of problem you can replace them without any hassle. 

A perfect gadget is merely a fantasy because all product has a set of pros and cons. Therefore, it would be wrong to claim that this e-sports mouse is the best product you will come across, but wait, it doesn’t mean anything negative. It is an exceptional e-sports mouse, so let us have a look at the pros and cons of it. Here is the another category of most expensive gaming mouse.

  • Striking and elegant designs specifically crafted for theplayers to cater gamer’s requirements.
  • Easy to operate, and multiple attachments ensure customization as per need 
  • The alluring RGB light on the board
  • State of the art mouse super easy to use. 
  • Surplus attachments for customization and advanced software make this mouse master the race best gaming mouse
  • An expensive mouse 
  • The mushy and hard to press side button can be a pain 
  • A massive e-sports mouse, tough to hold and use for people with smaller hands

Razer Ouroboros – Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Razer Ouroboros Review

Who in this world is not aware of the company Razer, the big daddy of computer gadgets world, Razer is the favorite brand of every gaming freak. So our next product is Ouroboros mouse from the company Razer, and as it is a product of Razer people have huge expectations from the product. The powerhouse of features has been in the market for a long time and is a direct competition of Asus Spatha. One of my strong recommendations, the Ouroboros has every feature a gaming freak can dream. Therefore, a detailed look at the raptures might be helpful in understanding why this e-sports mouse holds the third position in our list. 

First and foremost, the ultimate gaming mouse can function in either wired or wireless mouse. So get ready for the comfy gaming night. Besides a significant feature, making it outshine among Spatha is the ambidextrous design, facilitating both lefties and right-hand users. However, if you are a professional player, spending hours on your system killing the zombie or combating the enemy, then this is your thing. A professional e-sports mouse with the bulk of features and no decor such as RDB lights to make it look attractive. Nonetheless, the brand might come with a chroma light mouse soon.

Not convinced yet? Let me list down some more features of this excellent gaming mouse for you. The ultimate mouse is a flawless example of utility with comfort. The product offers customization as per your will you can add or remove any attachment according to the game’s demand.  Moreover, the RazerOuroboros has 11 programmable buttons, and an expert optical sensor for smooth functioning, exciting nah? .Oh, wait! Did I forget to mention the best part, which is the weight tuning that accompanies this product? The weight tuning and hand rest do not let you feel tired even after an endless row of clicks to win the game.

Even though the RazerOuroborose-sports mouse is the dream mouse of every gaming freak, yet it has some flaws. Every set of technology has certain pluses and some loopholes. So the major drawback is that it is too pricey for people like me who find it hard to buy an expensive gaming mouse. Furthermore, it can be quite tricky for beginners like me to handle such an advanced e-sports mouse. Yet for the ultimate gaming experience especially for professionals, this is a product worth buying. Nonetheless, without further ado, let us jawed down some of the plus and loopholes of this mouse.

  • Personalize your mouse by adding or removing buttons as per need along with palm rest for the hours of endless thrill
  • Plug in the wire provided and it is a wired mouse, while removing it and you get an advanced mouse, the choice is yours
  • The comforting ambidextrous design makes the product perfect for both lefties and right-hand users
  • The dual sensor does not let you miss a beat during the climax of the game when you are about to win
  • An expert gaming mouse that outshines due to its extraordinary features
  • Enjoy hours of ultimate gaming without battery failure interrupting you, as Razer gaming mouse has a long battery life
  • Can work as a wireless mouse as well without any input lag
  • For memorable gaming experience use Razer Synapse 2.0 software
  • Too expensive, after all, it’s just a sports mouse
  • The advanced technology makes it quite tricky to learn to be a newbie.

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum – Best Wireless Mouse for Gaming

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Review

The excellent quality; and variation is the sole purpose behind Logitech holding a prominent position in the world of gadgets and gaming. Therefore, a gaming mouse from Logitech in our list is quite an understandable move. The brand proudly owns a successful history of great gaming gadgets. Be it a keyboard, mouse, VR headset, or speakers, none can match up the quality Logitech sustains. Hence, consumers are head over heels in love with this label, and the extensive range of products the brand offers. Therefore, it would be sheer injustice not to add Logitech in our list of “best gaming mouse of 2020.” Since it is Logitech, we expect something massive and technologically advanced. Living up to your expectations, the Logitech G900 Chaka Spectrum e-sports mouse is fourth in our list. It is a strong competitor of the e-sports mouse by Asus and Razer in terms of pricing, and features.

Now you might be wondering, what makes this product stand out, and why I recommend you to buy this beauty, right? Don’t worry, I will help you, take a look over the features that I will be listing and then decide if it is worth it. The G900 mouse DPI ranges from 200 to 12000, impressive nah! Moreover, DPI increases efficiently across the board. If you are a die heart fan of the excellent Logitech software, then you have another reason too but G900. It renders the spectrum light, the innovative and Logitech’s famous RGB light. Furthermore, the G900 gaming mouse has an ambidextrous design to facilitate all sorts of users. You can also use it as a wireless or wired mouse, it is utterly your call what to decide.

Now, the majority of you might be thinking that G900 Chaos Spectrum gaming mouse is expensive, but take a look at the brighter side. If you are a gaming freak, spending hours of nonstop thrill with advanced gaming, then this is your product as it has every spec completely justifying every penny you invest in it fair enough, right! I understand that it slightly costs for you, but utterly significant ambidextrous design, and state of the art technology, this mouse caters to varying needs to professional players. However, it would be wrong for me to state that this beauty has loopholes. The G900 Chaos Spectrum e-sports mouse has some benefits and drawbacks like the ones above:

  • The breathtaking spectrum of RGB lights
  • State of the art gaming suit super convenient to use
  • Programmable and customizing button
  • Switches and sensors ensure excellent performance
  • Ambidextrous design ensuring tight grip for all sorts of users
  • Slightly expensive for an average user
  • Technical mouse for professional players and advanced users
  • No charging dock with the mouse

Corsair M65 Pro RGB– Best for FPS Games (12000 Max DPI)

Corsair M65 Pro RGB

It was quite the talk of the town when Corsair Company tried its luck in the gaming gadgets world. The brand is quite hot for its RAM, and power supplies, hence people had high expectations towards foray as they were all set to welcome innovation. Corsair, on the contrary, lived up to the hyped expectations and Foray was a massive success in the gaming world. Corsair was a savior for average buyers who cannot afford to buy a gaming mouse with a dent on their pocket. Reasonably priced, the brand’s focus is to facilitate the customer in every possible manner. This means that you get an affordable gaming gadget without compromising on features. Therefore, for an average player they have K70 and K95 for expert gamers at a reasonable price, and almost similar features, isn’t that cool?


So this leads us to the innovative M65 pro RGB e-sports mouse the hottest product of the brand. This cutting-edge mouse is an absolute must-have for gaming freaks who wish to buy an advanced gaming mouse at price within your means.  Sounds surreal? Relax and continue reading as this gaming mouse has every bit of details you seek in a gaming mouse.

I’m sure you must be clear by now that the M65 e-sports mouse has RGB light in it. Moreover, the personalized software empowers you to tame it according to your need. Besides, the software is super easy to operate; however, you might need some learning curves for it. The story makes no end here, like another mouse the M65 pro RGB e-sports mouse empowers the user to modify the DPI buttons strictly according to the game’s demand. Moreover, the amazing weight tuning system also adds to your convenience. You can shed that weight to make the mouse feel lighter and easy to use. This ultimately means that a light mouse leads to tranquil time grid system, and the majority of the FPS game lovers seek for this one.

Even though the M65 pro gaming mouse by Corsair is ideally for the FPS players, but this does not confine its use to this genre of game. The marvelous sports mouse complements all sorts of games one could ever think. Now, it surely adds to the advantages of this beauty; however, let us have an in-depth look at the pluses and loopholes of this beauty:

  • Outstanding quality gaming mouse
  • Elite quality product at price within your means
  • A positive addition of weight adjustment system
  • An excellent mean to customize your M65 mouse is the Corsair’s CUE system
  • An eminent feature of sniper button assisting at amending the DPI on the fly
  • Not catchy designs might not attract a few of the buyers

Logitech G502 – Highest Native DPI Mouse

Logitech G502 Review

Excellent quality material and unlimited features, no wonder Logitech is the dream brand of a large community of buyers. It is wholly the fruit of the uncompromising quality that every product they launch is a huge hit. This brings us to another gaming mouse in our list by the same label as it fits the criteria of the best gaming mouse of the current year. The G502 Proteus Spectrum gaming mouse is succeeding on the list, and honestly, this beauty has an extraordinary contribution at helping the company sustain its position in the market.

The Proteus Spectrum is the advanced version of the famous Proteus Core; however, the spectrum light in the Proteus spectrum is what it makes it a step ahead. Those of you who are new to this term, a Spectrum light is the Logitech form of RGB light. Besides the Chaos Spectrum is strictly for the professionals who wish to kill it with their remarkable game. On the other hand, a proteus spectrum is relatively inexpensive and for people who are not willing to pay a huge cost for a gaming mouse without compromising on features.

Oh, wait! Did I tell you that the Proteus Spectrum is pretty affordable? Sounds nice nah! The product is strictly for mediocre buyers with a whole range of features including whooping 12,000 DPI.

Now, it’s time to get slightly technical and introduce you with the technical features of this striking gaming mouse. The major addition in this super wondrous gaming mouse is the installation of the RGB light. We are all quite familiar with the increasing trend of RGB light. Its tremendous demand is leading to the addition of RGB light in every gaming gadget including mouse, keyboard, and headset. Therefore, the Logitech G502 is no distinct in this regard the product has RGB light with the same spellbinding features of the previous models.

Frankly, there is a long list of the cool features this amazing Proteus Spectrum gaming mouse owns, and one article would be insufficient to list down the pros of Thai beauty. However, to help you make your mind, let me tell you that it is almost half in terms of pricing compared to the above model. Besides it also has 11 programmable buttons empowering you to customize them the way you want. Moreover, the elegant design fits well the high standards of style so that you can proudly flaunt it among your pals. A comfortable grip and easy to operate you can relish hours of late night gaming session without feeling Oh my hand! However, before you start getting bored, let us have a look at the pros and cons do the gaming mouse:

  • State of the art tracking and sensitivity
  • DPI ranging from 200 to 12,000
  • Easy to customize 11 programmable buttons ensures the ultimate gaming experience
  • Alluring and practical design to match up your style quotient
  • Great features at an eye-popping price
  • The mouse does not support lefties

Razer DeathAdder Chroma – Best Budget Mouse

Razer DeathAdder Chroma Review

Even though the brand Razer is famous for numerous products; however, none was able to match up the attention and love of DeathAdder. One of the massive hit by the brand is an ideal combination of features with affordability and the best gaming mouse any player will seek. Later the brand came up with one on one technologically advanced and reasonable gaining mouse for the esteem customers, but none was able to get the response Death Adder enjoyed. The product is a massive hit even now, and customers are expecting something like DeathAdder from Razer. So finally the wait is over, and the company offers revolutionary DeathAdder Chrome gaming mouse a step ahead to the previous model. The product promises the same bang on features at a reasonable price range for the loyal customers of the brand.

Boys who are into the technical stuff and has quite knowledgeable about gaming and gadget come up to a point that RGB light is quite trending. Therefore, a standard quality gaming mouse should have RGB light to meet the so-called standard. However, what if I say that Razer has something better to offer you? Yes, Razer takes the charge of fetching technology one step further with the advanced Chroma light. Now you need the Razer Synapse 2.0 to control the Chroma light, though we might confront that it is by far the most happening version of the RGB light.

So hopefully we all agree to the point that DeathAdder Chroma gaming mouse is the modern and improved form of the classic DeathAdder gaining mouse. Besides, it is a huge hit in the work of gaming freaks. Now if you are thinking about the technical stuff, then let me help you. The excellent gaming mouse has a maximum capacity of 10.000 DPI. Now the ball is in your court, so wither you can go low with the DPI or drive crazy with the marvelous 10,000 DPI.

Besides, you will get the innovative Razer Synapse 2.0, which is the ideal software for personalization in the world of a gaming mouse. Furthermore, the highlight is that there are no such changes in the gaming mouse beside a few hardware tweaks, and honestly, this is the reason for enormous love the brand enjoys. To simplify it, Razer DeathAdder Chroma is a relatively better pick for the people who think that Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is not their cup of tea. However, without further ado, let have a quick sneak peek into the amazing features this mouse offers:

  • Alluring chroma light effects to impress your pals
  • Tried and true design
  • By far the best software suit Razer Synapse 2.0
  • Excellent quality
  • Personalization button
  • Minute changes in the design

Corsair Scimitar RGB– Most Programmable Buttons

Corsair SCIMITAR Review

There was quite a buzz in the market when Corsair declared to try their luck in the gaming world. Some people were happy with the experimental move while some criticize them that Corsair will not last long in this field. Whoever, to everyone’s surprise, Corsair emerged as the elite brand of the gaming world. Their impeccable collection of gaming peripherals was driving people madly in love with the brand. Their dedication was making people go WOW with the collection. All the players are aware of the famous Corsair M65 pro whose major concern was FPS players. Therefore, to overcome that flaw, the brand has Corsair Scimitar for you. The product directly focuses on the MMO and MOBA community, and a perfect gaming mouse for this genre. Now Corsair Scimitar is an advanced gaming mouse with 17 programmable buttons, surprised? While 12 of those buttons are on the slider on the left side and are mechanical.

Besides the row of amazing features, Corsair empowers you to adjust the slider. The excellent gaming mouse comes with a screwdriver to help you adjust the slider solely according to the grip of your hand and thumb.  Hence witnessing the brand paying in-depth attention towards minute details is a treat for the buyers. Moreover, the mesmerizing gaming mouse has an advanced Pixart ADNS 3988 sensor. The product can support up to 12,000 DPI; however, it is cm your free will to adjust DPI according to your need.

Corsair’s Scimitar gaming mouse is for the people with comparatively bigger hands, every button is tactfully placed and works exceptionally well. Thus does not let you feel confused regarding its usage. Besides the brand has a no compromising policy in terms of quality, the majority of the mouse is built with excellent matte plastic while the center is covered with aluminum giving a high-end finishing look.

The corsair utility engine controls the 4 zone RGB light of the gaming mouse. Moreover, the same features also help in personalizing the mouse according to your comfort including programming the keys, assigning macros, and controlling the lighting.

Now, you must be thinking that I am missing out a significant part which is functionality. The Corsair Scimitar gaming mouse does not Lack the Logitech G504 Proteus Spectrum in any regard. The two gaming mouse has a lot of things in common and caters to a huge target market which covers customerss of almost every type. Besides, both the gaming mice fall under the same roof in terms of performance.

Now, the ball is utterly in your court depending on your requirement. If you are like me, not a big fan of multiple macro keys, then Logitech gaming mouse suits you the best. However, if you are an expert player enjoying macro keys, then the Corsair gaming mouse is your thing. Though the product ensures the ultimate gaming experience, yet you cannot entitle it to be a perfect gaming mouse. So let us have a look at the plus and loopholes of this amazing gaming mouse:

  • Outstanding tracking so easy with the Pixart sensor
  • 17 programmable buttons are a sheer delight for the MMO and MOBA customerss
  • You can link the Many Corsair gadgets with the 4-zone RGB lights
  • Excellent quality material in the mouse
  • Some users can find it slightly hefty
  • The thumb button is not impressive for people who do not feel like using it

Razer Naga Hex V2 – Another Mouse For MOBA Games

Razer Naga Hex V2 Review

Had enough? Wait for this one, as it is the ultimate gaming mouse by the popular Razer band. The Razer Naga Hex V2 is one of the famous and functional gaming mice for MOBA game. The reason being plenty of buttons and customization facility you get along with the amazing Razer gaming mouse. The Razer Naga Hex V2 gaming mouse is uniquely for the MOBA games. However, it does not mean that this gaming mouse is not suitable for any other game. The fabulous gaming mouse is a perfect fit for all the games where players need different keys to assign numerous shortcuts. The Razer Naga gaming mouse has multiple keys, and they will surely make the gaming experience easy and super fun for you.

Now you can relish an ultimate gaming experience kudos to the thumb gird in the Razer Naga Hex V2 gaming mouse. The brand itself accepted this on the record by stating that the mechanical switched certainly adds to the gaming experience. So guys gear up for the ultimate pleasure gaming night with a list of thrill excitement and the Razer Naga Hex V2 gaming mouse. The thumb grid helps you create shortcuts so that you can relish your game without any stress of buttons wearing out. My personal experience with this mouse was quite nice, as it feels minute tactical feel on the thumb button.

Enough of the appearance now, let’s get down to the business and like above gaming mouse, the Razer Naga Hex V2 gaming mouse has a whole range of feature one could wish. Firstly, the mouse has an advanced optical sensor which ensures whooping 16,000 DPI, pretty amazing right! Moreover, you can control and tweak the Chroma RGB lighting through the excellent Razer Synapse 2.0. The story makes no end here, the mouse also empowers you to tweak the entire programmable button, and customize them according to your need. However, make sure that all the buttons are programmed. Now, that what we call a user’s gaming mouse, empowering the player to take maximum benefit from a single mouse.

Now pacing down, we will have a quick glimpse over the benefits and flaws of this excellent gaming mouse, reasons why it is the most desirable MOBA game mouse and some loopholes. Clearly, there no term as perfect in the gadget world, all the gadgets have some shortcomings along with the bulk of benefits they offer. So without further ado let’s dig down the pros and cons:

  • Utterly spellbinding optical sensor, impressing users through massive 16,000 DPI
  • Completely personalized buttons
  • Outstanding Razer Synapse suite 2.0
  • Durable material for the construction on the board
  • Thumb grid button seeks help form special mechanical switch
  • Razer Chroma light is astonishing
  • The odd design might not strike some of the users
  • No ambidextrous design in the mouse to facilitate users

Corsair Sabre RGB – Budget FPS Gaming Mouse

Corsair Gaming Sabre Review

Last but not least we have Corsair yet again. The label WOWS us over and over again, and this time it is the Corsair Sabre RGB gaming mouse. Before we jump towards the details of the features, a one-line introduction for this gaming mouse is that it is somehow quite similar to the Corsair M65 pro RGB. Now, many people might try to spill out negativity and degrading the product, well my suggestion is not to give them shit! The reason being quite simple, Corsair Sabre gaming mouse is pocket-friendly and has a ray of advanced features at cheap rates. Moreover, the gaming mouse renders 10,000 DPI, an appealing design to attract the majority of buyers, and the RGB light is like icing on the cakes. Therefore, to cut the long story short, you will get multiple features at an affordable price range.

Even though the RGB light of this mouse cannot complete with the amazing and somehow expensive gaming mouse, yet it has the charm of its own. The product is designed with simplicity in mind and I think Corsair nailed it completely, so an ideal pick for people who like things a bit simple.

The Corsair Sabre RGB light gaming mouse is wired and thus an ideal mouse to go with your system. Therefore, it is a complete package for userss who are not a fan of a wireless mouse. Moreover, the lightweight mouse is quite easy to handle to set aside the idea of weight tuning. The Sabre RGB gaming mouse offers impressive 10,000 DPI, advanced RGB light and affordable price, isn’t that an ideal package for an average player?

 However, you might be clear by now that none of the gaming mice is perfect, and the same rule applies to this one as well. The corsair Sabre gaming mouse does have some benefits and a few shortcomings, so let’s have a look:

  • An outrageous sensor renders elite class DPI, and so convenient to use gliding
  • The programmable button empowers you to personalize the mouse solely according to your free will through CUE
  • Corsair utility engine can also help to modify the RGB light
  • Affordable price and excellent features provide an extra edge to the mouse
  • The slightly awkward design might be tough for some users to manage
Important points to consider while shopping for a mouse:

The above list of best gaming mouse is based on my personal opinion and preferences. However, you are not confined to think in the same manner. For that reason, below are some of the points that you should consider while shopping for a gaming mouse.

I can understand your curiosity of knowing what gaming mouse other players are using:

  • Professional League of Legends (LOL) Player’s Mouse
  • Professional Counter-Strike: GO Player’s Mouse

Wired or wireless Mouse?

There is quite a stir in the market regarding wireless and wired mouse. Even though both works exceptionally well, but wireless mouse is getting a greater amount of love and appreciation. However, none would give a thought regarding concerns that comes along the purchase of a wireless mouse. The matter of fact is that the whole fight behind these two types of gaming mouse is to make your pick among durability and facility. Therefore a piece of advice from my end is to carefully weigh the plus and loopholes before jumping into the purchase of a wired or wireless gaming mouse.

 Today is the age of wireless technology, so a wired mouse (regardless of the fact that excels in terms of technology and features) is considered a bit old school design. However, the truth is that some things are built to last, and a wired mouse truly represents this philosophy. I have quite an experience in the world of PC games, and I will like to tell you a secret. Everything that glitters is not gold; furthermore, a wireless gaming mouse can be modern and impressive. It does provide support as well, but a wireless gaming mouse can’t match up the response time of a wired mouse. The reason is quite simple; the wired gaming mouse has a direct link to the system, free from any so-called interface.

Now, let’s have a look at the other side of the pictures a wireless gaming mouse is sheer comfort and style. It matches up the wireless gaming handset to go with the evergreen play station, besides gaming becomes fun and easy. All you have to do is grab a bowl of chips and a comfy cushion and enjoy your game sitting anywhere without stressing about wire length, and someone stepping on it, simple! However, let’s have a look at the major drawback, suppose you are at the climax of your game, victory is right in front of you, one last shot left, and Oh! External interference signals drop sounds terrible right? That is the only drawback of a wireless gaming mouse that the unpredictable signal drop in the most crucial situation. 

Now the ball is in your court my opinion might vary with yours. Therefore, it is completely your call, but you still have to compromise of one factor in either way be it convenience or durability.

Moreover, the price also plays a significant role in this regard a wired gaming mouse is relatively cheaper. Numerous brands are coming up with a hypnotic collection of the wired and wireless mouse so carefully analyze all the factors and make a sensible decision.

Numerous Gaming Mice Suitable for Different Games

The gaming industry is witnessing massive progress over the past couple of years. The growing trend of games and thrill is triggering numerous brands to come up with one on one collection of state of the art gaming mouse that dazzles us. Brands such as Logitech, Razer, Mad Catz, CM storm and more are all part of that list. Moreover, jam-packed with features products from these elite brands compels us to add them in the list of famous of the year 2020. However, the tough part comes when you have to opt for one product from these exceptionally appealing brands.

It is always a pleasing sight to witness a range of choices in front of you, but it’s tough as well, countless options each one exceptionally appealing and advanced so which one to pick? Confusing, right! Let me help you make better decisions for yourself. Now, the trick is shopping for the right gaming mouse depends on the game you to indulge. Normally games are of three types:

  • Real Time Strategy (RTS)
  • Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)
  • First Person Shooter (FPS)
Real-time strategy gamesMassively multiplayer online (MMO)First Person Shooter (FPS)

The real-time strategy is a brand of the strategy games; it is a time-based video game which encircles around constructing units and combats the enemy. The strategic game is a turn-based game, which enables each player to take time and tactfully plan his move, free from the stress of worry about the enemy and his move. This it is about creating your resources; coma brings the enemy while considering that the opponent is also planning the same.

The massively multiplayer online game is an online gaming platform with hundreds and thousands of players on a single platform. It normally features a persistent open world, while a few players vary. The massively multiplayer online game is available in a large network platform such as PC, smartphones, gaming console etc. 

Utterly popular in the market the first person shooter game revolves around weapons and shooting to combat the enemy. Unlimited action and thrill the player experience action via the eye of the protagonist. The shooter game is quite similar to this genre, while 3D and catchy graphics makes it even more involving.

Now the taste of every game might vary like some find any one or two from the above two appealing. However, there are some gaming freaks that enjoy every genre of game; all they want is the latest game hitting the market. Now, for people who relish every genre of the game should opt for Logitech G504 Proteus Spectrum as it shows remarkable performance in every genre. However, the Logitech G504 is also an ideal gaming mouse for MMO games. Besides this gaming mouse, I’d excellent companion for games such as the Leagues of Legend.

Several Types of Gaming Mice Grips

Hours of nonstop thrill and action is possible if you have a good gaming mouse with a comfortable grip. Every person has a unique grip type; therefore, it is significant for you to pick for a gaming mouse that suits your gripping style. Some of you have Palm grip, some use claw, while a few go for fingertip grip style. Moreover, every mouse has a different gripping style, so be sensible with your choices regarding gaming mouse. Today the market has a whole range of gaming mice catering to the varying needs of each person. Usually, there are three different types of gaming mouse grips. Take a look at all three and decide which one you think suits you the best:

Palm grip gaming mouseClaw gripFingertips grip

The Palm grip is the most common kind of grip, and the name depicts what it actually means. The Palm grips mean that your whole Palm rests on the mouse along with much of your fingers as well. I know most of you use this type of gripping method as you do not feel tired even after using the mouse for hours. Furthermore, this type of grip makes the mouse almost sort of arm extension. In this manner, your rhythm of movement is a slower moment of the arm is slightly faster wrist movement. However, this does not mean that you can get flawless and speedy cursor movement out of it. A mouse appropriate according to the type of user you are, which is either leftie or right-hand user, along with ample of space to freely place the arm leads to the best use of the mouse for a Palm grip.

A claw grip is midway of Palm and fingertips grip. This style of grip includes fingers curled in the shape of a claw, while the end of the arm placing on the edge of the mouse. Moreover, you curve the index and middle fingers towards the back. Comparing it to the Palm grip, a claw grip guarantees smooth wrist movement; however, you need a fine control rather than merely fingertips. All the ambidextrous design mouse, including a few of Corsair, and Logitech falls ideally fit under this criteria, and if you have a claw grip I recommend you to use any of this mouse for hours of comfortable usage.

If you have a lightweight gaming mouse, then fingertip grip the right type of gripping style for you. In a fingertip grip merely the fingertips are on the mouse, while Palm is high in the air, Almost poles apart to the Palm grip. This position empowers you to freely lift and move the mouse in whatever position you want. This grip style includes more wrist movement. So if you have a fingertip grip my suggestion to you is to opt for lightweight and tiny gaming mouse so that you do not feel Oh Gosh! During lifting up the mouse.

Various Mice Concept that you Might Know

Planning to shop for a state of the art gaming mouse, well wait! And have a quick look at some of the eminent mice concepts that can prove to be a helping hand.

PredictionSensitivitySensorAccelerationPolling rateProgrammable buttonProfilesLift-off DistanceWeight

The key feature of an excellent gaming mouse is being speedy enough to be able to tackle the varying needs of the player. However, the technologically advanced mice in the market today are smart enough to avoid registering erratic hand motion. Therefore, mouse amendments do not perform the job at times, for the reason that precision is majorly at stake during the thrill of the game.

There are two primary medians to estimate the sensitivity of the gaming mouse DPI and CPI, generally known as Dot per Inch and Character Per Inch sequentially. DPI is the most common Sensitivity measure, and it usually falls amid a few hundred to some thousands. Now greater sensitivity means that the mouse will move faster and effortlessly on the display of your system. Furthermore, the above list of best gaming mouse of the year 2020 also represents the fact that top gaming mouse with the best speed owns higher DPI.

I am sure most of you might be aware of the types of sensor, while those who are new to this world can also get the idea from the content above. Usually, there are two different types of sensors in a gaming mouse which is the optical and laser. The Optical sensor is quite powerful and performs exceptionally well on uneven surfaces as well. However, the loser sensor, on the other hand, excels at a reflective surface.

The tug of war between optical and laser sensor is something which has no end. A few users like going with the changing technology opting for the laser mouse; however, some keep it classic with the optical sensor. There is a major difference between the two in terms of accuracy and sensitivity. This topic is no different from the wired and wireless mouse in terms of the debate. You might be surprised to read, but an optical mouse ensures better accuracy as compared to the laser mouse, despite doing the fact that it offers lower DPI. The reason behind is built in null acceleration. It enables the mouse to gasp minute my meaning in a better manner than a laser sensor. So if you are a fan of shooting games such as call of duty, greater accuracy is your thing.

Nonetheless, a laser mouse ensures more sensitivity, kudos to the greater DPI. Moreover, laser gaming mouse offers greater DPI as compared to the Optical ones. Besides another benefit which makes it the hottest trending is that laser mouse can work on any surface even on glass. So both have a certain set of pros and cons, ultimately you have to sacrifice on one thing, it is the difference if perspective that matters. A laser sensor yield maximum dot per inch on the surface like this.

Now, what is acceleration? Confused huh! Allow me to explain, acceleration is the proportion between the paces of the pointer to the speed of hand mobility. Now, the standards for measuring acceleration are G force. In it, one G is parallel to 9.8 meters per second. Besides, less sensitivity gaming freaks ought to come in terms with acceleration often, as they require increased hand movement.

Next up is the polling rate, I understand that the name is somewhat tricky, but there is no rocket science in this one. In plain words, the polling rate is the transmitting and feedback rate between the mouse and the system. The measuring unit of polling rate is hertz. Usually; it ranges between 250 to 1000 hertz on nearly all gaming mouse. Being a gadget, the mice send, and process the information prior to taking any action.

Do you want to make your typical key and gaming mouse fun? Then add programmable buttons to it. The gaming mice that the majority of brands offer today have buttons that you can transfer into hotkey, thus making the application quite easy when you are in the climax of the game. Let me give you an example, you are playing an FPS game, and you want to switch to a sniper, the sniper shortcut button will help you switch in no time, simple.

The programmable buttons come with the profile setting for the users. Moreover, it also assists you to assign buttons to various actions while switching the character in the game, isn’t that easy? Besides, you can also switch among games and niche of the game through a single click on the button.

Moving on, the lift-off distance references to how high mouse can go, till the time that the sensor stops reacting; moreover, the mouse distance can help you in determining ten lift-off distances. If you are a die heart fan of a competitive game, then the lift-off distance plays an integral role.

There are no two ways about the fact that the emerging trend of gaming mouse is compelling people to invest in the classic gaming mouse. Different people have varying reasons for buys a gaming mouse a few do it to complete their set of technologically advanced PC. While a few do it for the simple reason which is proffering a pleasant impression and makes gaming fun dude!

Now, there is a certain misconception regarding the benefits of a gaming mouse. Firstly, it is a false impression that merely buying a gaming mouse can help you master the game skills. Even though the gaming mouse facilitates you in various means such as shortcut buttons, but if you have other plans like a gaming mouse will lead to a drastic change in your gaming skills, then I’m afraid you are a mistake. Let me tell you a bit of a secret, the majority of the famous virtual players that you adore and follow do not use an advanced gaming mouse, surprised? Well that a fact. In fact, the sportsmen are claiming it on the record that they use the basic gaming mouse since it is easy to use. Hence it is only the trick that matters, but the mouse does facilitate you in playing.

Do not get the idea that a gaming mouse is a sheer extravagance and zero effect on the game, as it is not true. The unlimited features including increasing DPI, programmable buttons, personalizing macros, and many other features are ideal for a . A gaming mouse adds to the impeccable gaming experience, that’s why the market has a wide range of gaming mice catering to varying customer needs. Even though it is pleasing to witness a whole range of choices, but it is confusing as well. An average buyer or beginner gets a bit of tough time in choosing the right gaming mouse for himself.

The whole concept behind this buyer’s guide is to help buyers shop for the right gaming mouse after a careful analysis of the price and their requirement. Though it was quite a job to buy, and personally experience every single mouse from all price range. Moreover, trying different categories of gaming mouse including a few customized for a specific game or a certain type of user to render nothing, but the most helpful buying guide for you. One example worth mentioning in this regard is Razer Naga Hex V2 gaming mouse is especially for the MOBA game players.

So all you have to do is take a keen look at the specs of each gaming mouse, go through the market, buy the mouse exact replicating your need, and let the fun begin. Grab a drink, enjoy the game, and thank me later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Time to have a quick look at some of your ambiguities

What is a gaming mouse?
This type of mouse is to facilitate the user through better performance. The modern sensor is more precise than the typical sensor, thus leading to swift feedback and hand movement. Furthermore, these mice provide millions to click rather than thousands.
Do I need a gaming mouse?
If you are among those people who spend hours on the system, then my opinion is to consider buying yourself this mouse. They are especially for the e-sports leading to better performances and durable enough to bear any sort of wear and tear. I understand that it’s slightly expensive, but consider it a one-time investment for a long time safe and professional gaming experience.
What does DPI stand for?
In the mouse world, DPI stands for dots per inch. The term means the number of counts it registers over an inch of mousing surface. The higher number indicates better performance by the mouse.
What is the top-notch mouse in the gaming world?
The answer to this question is quite tough as every person has its own need. However, the DeathAdder by Razer brand is getting an immense amount of love in the market. Yet every person does not necessarily like DeathAdder due to varying preferences, grip style, specs requirement, and shape liking. So a sensible move is to understand your need and buy accordingly.
Is the mouse mat necessary for the laser mouse?
Ummm… Not really, this feature makes laser sensor a step ahead to the optical mouse since it has the ability to perform on alms of any surface including glass. However, before you jump into buying a mouse mat for your laser mouse, keep in mind that laser mouse works well on a solid surface.
Which one is better, laser or optical mouse?
It’s a long debate with no solid results, but if you are looking for accuracy. The optical mouse is your thing. For further details, you can check out the article.
What is weighted gaming mouse?
Today’s advanced e-sports mouse helps come with a feature of adding or removing weight according to the will of the player.
What is the most suitable number of buttons in a mouse?
Once again there is no specific answer to the question as it completely depends on the game you enjoy. For instance, if you ply FPS then 4 to 5 buttons are enough, while for MMO or other games 6 to 9 button or more. However, this is how I like my mouse, so make your pick according to your preference.
Can I use my gaming mouse like a regular mouse as well?
Certainly you can, after all, it’s just a mouse. The factor that makes sit outshine amongst the rest is that it adds comfort and renders a great e-sports experience for the user. It is a false impression that gaming mice are different; it is a modified version of a regular mouse.