When you think of gaming, the very first thing that comes to your mind as a gamer is the good grip and palm resting position of the best mouse you need. Wrist and palm restlessness is very common among people who have regular usage of gaming and for work. This restlessness is caused by placing your hand on the mouse for hours resulting in nerve stress and hand or wrist pains.

The grip is another factor that needs to be analyzed before you choose the best gaming device for yourself. You are likely to enjoy best gaming mouse under 100 when the grip of the device is strong.

Hence, if you want your gaming to go smoothly then you need to choose the best gadget according to your hand grip over it and how soft in touch it is. Gamers know the true value of the best gaming mouse and also how it is essential as a gaming accessory with their PC. At times, people tend to confuse between a regular mouse and a gaming mouse. So we see a lot of people using gaming mice connected with their laptops for work (it is solely their own choice) because they are way more comfortable and show the best connectivity. Here we see how gaming mice are so different from a regular mouse.

Lighting effects, effervescent effects, and edged shapes are the known features of any gaming mice under 10 in comparison to the simple gadgets.

Moreover, the other specification gamers look for is the budget and whether the cost goes with the quality of the mouse or not. We do have a long list of best gaming mouse but the budget matters a great deal. Although, expensive mice are mostly good a gamer should look at the demand of their game and choose a cheap gaming mouse according to it.

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Just Under 20 Dollars, Find the 6 Best Mice for Your Gaming!

So, if you want to enjoy a comfy and joyful moment of gaming and are searching for only the best, then as a gamer you lookup for the most appropriate and suitable gaming gadget that too under only 20 dollars. Most of the time, gamers change their best mouses according to the demand of their game.

Here you go with the list of the absolute best gaming mouse for any laptop or MAC, purchasable under 20 dollars only!

Uhuru Wireless Gaming Mouse Rechargeable

“The best rechargeable gaming mouse for any computer.”

Uhuru Wireless Gaming Mouse Rechargeable

The Editor has reviewed and chosen this best mouse amongst other mouses as the best gaming gadget under 20 dollars. Thinking about the comfort and joy that comes along with this gaming mouse is also important for any gamer out there. Be it MAC, a computer, laptop or PC, this Uhuru wireless gaming gadget stands out for its best features, good specifications and compatibility.

As we see that it costs us under only $20, it does have the best quality and features to attract the gaming audience.

Technical features:

 Coming towards the best technical features and designs brought up in this particular gaming device, there are 6 programmable buttons present on it. These 6 buttons help in multi-tasking, such as you can assign one command to one button and then use it later when you need it on an urgent basis. This is useful while gaming because sometimes, gamers need to operate a function in just milliseconds. An example of it is that you can function Digital Ink while operating PowerPoint, when you are in a game you can use macro and a Magnifier could also be used if you are using any other application.

Adding on to it, its ergonomic structure and comfort design bring more joy while using the best gaming mouse. Thus, making it one of the best gaming mouse. When it comes to the performance of this device, it is quite different intellectually in terms of gaming. The dpi (dot per inch) of this gadget is up to 4800 and is so far known as the best rechargeable gaming mouse. Dpi is very important in a gadget. The moving speed of the best mouse can also be controlled by simply clicking on the dpi button. Movement of the mouse or speed is of high value and needs to be the best for gaming because too fast or too slow speed will affect their gaming performance.

Well, we have discussed earlier that this device is a wireless and a rechargeable one. This means that it consists of a battery that is rechargeable. Another benefit of brought with this best mouse is that the battery does not have to recharge every time. As soon as you stop using it, it automatically goes to sleeping mode. So, your charging does not go to waste. This is the best feature.

This mouse is the best because it does not only have good functions but good looks too. It grabs the attention of most gaming people due to its beautiful and best design too. It is wireless so it has an off and on button at the back. To bring and set a gaming environment, Uhuru wireless rechargeable knows how to its job. The 7 colors of LED lighting in this gaming device are one of the best things of this mouse in comparison to other mouse.

Compatibility is another factor that takes advantage of other gaming mouses. This best gaming mouse is compatible with almost all gaming devices, like all Windows, Mac and Linux, etc. it can be connected with any brand of laptops, PC, Notebooks, computers, etc. This is the most beneficial factor of this gaming mouse.

  • Best wireless rechargeable gaming device
  • Do not have to charge again and again because it automatically goes to sleeping mode
  • Movement of the gaming mouse can be handled through dpi button
  • Dpi ensures precision
  • 6 programmable buttons
  • There is no button to switch off lights on the gaming mouse (it is battery consuming)
  • There is no up down button for dpi, it keeps on scrolling

VersionTECH RGB Gaming Mouse

“Best Ergonomic USB Wired optical mouse under 20”

VersionTECH RGB Gaming Mouse

Want compatibility with any computer, laptops or PC with all the programmable buttons under one shelter but something that is less heavy on the pocket? Looking for some best dpi options? Version (Tech RGB gaming mouse) is the best option for you. Yes, you heard it right. This gaming device is one of the best mouses in the gaming industry.

This mouse is ergonomically designed for gamers to experience their gaming in the best way possible. The USB wired optical best mouse consists of 7 different LED colors used at the back. For game and work purposes, the dpi consists of 4 different settings. In order to switch off the LED lights, you can simply click the forward and backward buttons with the dpi. However, this gaming gadget is not only useful for gamers but for carrying out other works as well. Daily tasks and gaming activities, both can be fulfilled by this gaming device.

Technical features:

Now, as we focus on the technically beautifully designed features such as the CPI buttons who have a scrolling wheel so smooth that automatically brings comfort and joy. The left corner has a forward and backward button. The USB plug is gold plated along with a cover of durable braided cable which helps you in connecting with any laptops. This gaming mouse, in comparison to another gaming mouse (also Uhuru), is very light in weight.

Precision and comfort are provided to you at your hands when you are gaming. The growing phenomenon of this best gaming mouse is its strong grip and fantastic thrill that comes along with it. The user-friendly and work efficient design and shape of this gaming mouse, combined with the scrolling wheel that is covered with rubber gives you comfort. Therefore, you simply enjoy using this gaming mouse. Casual PC gamers find this wired gaming mouse as one of the ideal and best options to attach to their laptops.

There is no need for the installation of software and drivers because it has proved to be one of the easiest and quickest to use. Many of the features are integrated; 6 programmable buttons designed properly which have an adjustable high scrolling wheel that helps in processing properly. Budget, as we talked earlier, is also very important to see if the material and design are worth the cost of a particular the best gaming mouse. You can find this gaming mouse at the cheapest cost i.e. under $10 only.

Just like Uhuru wireless gaming mouse, this mouse is also compatible with almost all gaming devices such as laptops, computers, PC, and MAC. Multi-grade dpi, wired gaming mouse, everything is functioning separately. 

A major difference of this best gaming mouse with other mouse listed is that it does not have forward and backward buttons not available especially for systems of OS. 

  • Compatibility with almost every gaming device, laptops or PC’s
  • It is a USB wired optical gaming mouse
  • Backlights have 7 different colors
  • Has 4 types of settings for dpi
  • Dpi makes the gadget precise
  • This gaming mouse is not wireless
  • Backward and forward buttons are not available for OS systems on this gaming device


“Best Wireless Gaming Mouse under 20”


Are you looking for a modern gaming mouse? The VEGCOO C9s is a best gaming mouse with highly developed technological features. Nowadays, everyone wants to work in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The constant clicking of the mouse can be very disturbing. Thus, in order to avoid this, the VEGCOO C9 gaming mouse is the best option for you. This gaming gadget has a silent clicking feature which enables you to work in a peaceful environment.

The noiseless set of left and right keys make it the best gaming mouse for working at night. You do not want to disturb those in your house or in the office with the constant clicking of the mouse. Thus this silent feature makes it very unique and one of a kind gaming devices.

Moreover, the design is also super chic and trendy. It is has a bug shape and is wireless. The wireless feature is really great. Now, you no longer have to worry about the hassle of tangled wires. All you have to do is charge and connect it and you will be ready to play. In today’s modern times, wireless gadgets are quite popular. The VEGCOO C9 is designed in a very comfortable manner which makes it the best gaming device.

Technical Features

Its design ensures that you are able to use the gaming mouse in a comfortable manner. The best feature is that it can be used by everyone. Whether you are left or right-handed, you can easily use this mouse without any stress. Furthermore, the comfort you experience while using this is unlike any other mouse. With this gaming mouse, you can easily sit and work for long hours without any unnecessary hand or wrist aches.

One other best feature is its amazing battery life. All you have to do is charge it once and the device is good to go for the next thirty days. This is great as you do not have to constantly charge it. Moreover, you do not have to worry about your connections dropping mid-game because of low charging. The long battery life ensures that the gaming mouse can be used for hours on end without its battery dying. Thus, this device is highly reliable as it won’t stop mid-game and you can do your work without unwanted interruptions.

This best gaming mouse comes with a couple of other great features too. It has three DPIs which can be altered according to one’s needs. The DPI is up to 2400 for your gadgets like laptop, PC, and Mac Book. This means that you have good control over the cursor during your game. Even though there are other gaming mice that have a far better DPI, this one is the best option too. You are not only getting a wireless device but also a precise tracking system all under $20. What more does one want?.

  • Comes with trendy LED lights
  • Silent mouse clicking
  • Comfortable design
  • DPI is a little low compared to other mice
  • Some people believe that battery life could be more

Redragon M601 Wired Gaming Mouse

“Best Affordable Gaming Mouse under 20”

Redragon M601 Wired Gaming Mouse

A red hot color is sure to catch the eye of every customer. This is why the Redragon M601 is a fan favorite gaming mouse. The red color is super bright and immediately captures ones attention. Most of the times people are on a budget. If you are one of those people who like to stick to a strict budget, then this best mouse is the best option for you. Not only is it light on the pocket but also has a very trendy design.

Moreover, it is designed in a highly intelligent way. This gaming mouse has an ergonomic design. This ensures that it works in an efficient manner and the customers remain satisfied. The ergonomic design is the reason for your maximum comfort while using the mouse.

Before purchasing the perfect gaming mouse for yourself, one must consider two of the most important things. One is the handgrip while the other is the DPI. A comfortable handgrip is of paramount importance. If the handgrip is not comfortable then it can result in unwanted wrist aches. Most people have a palm grip. Thus, you need to know what sort of grip you have before purchasing the best mouse.

Technical Features

Furthermore, this gaming mouse has a DPI of 3200. The minimum DPI that a mouse must have should be 150. Hence, this one is really good. The DPI ensures maximum precision. The LED lights add to the cool design of the gaming mouse. It is compatible with most of the systems except for the Mac OS.

Another interesting feature is the reliable and strong Teflon feet. These feet are highly smooth to ensure a great gaming control. Moreover, it has on the fly DPI adjustment. In addition, it also has a grip enhanced wheel to scroll the page up and down. This scroll wheel acts as a short cut to smoothly scroll the page up and down.

Furthermore, the ergonomic buttons present to ensure that you are able to play your game in a smooth and uninterrupted manner. This gaming mouse also has a ten million click durability. This feature is quite unique and makes the mouse one of its kind gaming gadgets. The mouse clicks are soft and do not make a lot of noise that causes a disturbance. The Teflon pad is designed in such a way that it ensures your fingers and mice slide in a smooth manner.

A great thing is that this gaming mouse comes with a weight tuning set and Teflon feet with low friction. This guarantees smooth control over the cursor and the mouse. All these features make this the best gaming mouse out there.

  • Comes with a weight tuning set (8 piece)
  • Has 5 memory profiles
  • Has 5 programmable buttons
  • Ergonomic design ensures efficiency
  • Smooth Teflon feet
  • Highly durable
  • Some gaming mice have a greater DPI


“Best Wired Gaming Mouse With 4 Adjustable DPI under 20”


Are you a huge fan of playing online games like Fortnite and Call of Duty? Do you need the best gaming mouse for yourself? You have come to the right place. We have it all figured out for you. The HAVIT HV MS672 is for only $9. If you have a strict budget to follow, then this is the perfect option for you. In only $9, this gaming mouse comes with a fairly high DPI.

A high DPI means that the mouse resolution is excellent. This does not mean a clearer image on the screen but a high DPI guarantees more precise control over the cursor. Now you can point the cursor in an accurate manner. This means that you can achieve your target in a more clear and precise manner. These features work towards making it the best gaming mouse.

Technical Features

An interesting feature is that the gaming mouse comes with four adjustable DPI levels. Therefore, now if you want a higher DPI, you can do that by adjusting the levels on this gaming mouse. This is an extremely great deal in just nine dollars. There are not many devices out there that offer the best quality in such a low price.

Moreover, the ergonomic design makes it one of the best gaming mice. This design ensures that the best gaming mouse works in a highly efficient manner. This way, you also have great control over the cursor. In addition, this gaming mouse is designed in such a way that it easily fits in your hand. This feature is one of the best ones in the gaming mouse.

It is important for a gaming device to have the perfect fit. This ensures that you are comfortable when you play games for long hours. Such a design is especially best for hardcore gamers who play for long hours. Long hours in front of a computer screen can be very tiring and uncomfortable. Thus, it is important to have the best gaming devices which ensure your ease and comfort. Now you can sit and play for long hours without any discomfort. Say goodbye to cramps and unwanted wrist pains.

The best part is that it is highly user friendly and you do not need any extra software in order to install it. The installation process is very simple and easy. All you have to do is plug and play. The fact that it is suitable will all kinds of laptops, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and every type of windows make it one of the best gaming mice.

It comes with a USB interface that is best for connectivity. Moreover, the 6 buttons for programming ensure the best gaming outcome for the customers.

  • Comes with colorful LED lights
  • Best ergonomic design
  • Adjustable DPI
  • Efficient gaming gadget
  • Highly user friendly
  • Plug and play feature
  • DPI could be more
  • Some people have issues with the DPI

TENMOS T85 Gaming Mouse

“Best Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse under 20 dollars”


Durability is the key to any best gaming mouse. You do not want a device that is not sturdy or comfortable to use. Long hours holding a best gaming mouse can be very tiring. For one, you are tired and your back hurts and secondly, your palms are all sweaty due to the mouse.

In order to avoid this unwanted greasy situation, you must get the TENMOS T85. It is one of the best gaming devices that you can get at an affordable rate. Moreover, this gaming mouse ensures that your hands are not greasy after long hours of playing a game.

This is a unique and one of a kind mouse. It is greaseproof, sweatproof, and is even able to resist fingerprint stains. What more proof do you want that this gaming gadget is one of the best ones available in the market? This is the best device for your comfort and all-day usage.

One interesting feature is that the battery is rechargeable. Now you do not have to worry about constantly replacing the battery. Things have been made easy for you. All you have to do is plug it in and let it charge.

The auto sleeping mode and 2.4G wireless technology are two of the best features in a gaming device this affordable. This means that if a gaming device is not is usage, then it will automatically go into a sleep mode. After this, even the LED lights will shut down automatically. Furthermore, it has a silent clicking feature which is best for when you are gaming late at night. This ensures that you do not disturb the people around you with the loud clicking.

Moreover, this gaming device has a steady wireless connection which ensures uninterrupted connectivity. This means that you can play for long hours without any interruptions. In addition to all these best features, the speed of the best mouse can also be adjusted. It has a DPI that can be adjusted up to three levels and also has six programmable buttons. This makes this gaming device one of the best gadgets to buy when you are focused on a budget.

Furthermore, it is suitable for all of your operating systems and computer devices. It works well with Windows, Mac, Vista, and other versions of Windows as well. Moreover, this gaming device is also available in many different colors. One of the best things about this gaming device is the array of colors that it comes in. This gives the customers a lot of options to buy from. Thus making it one of the best affordable gaming mice.

  • Has an automatic sleeping mode
  • Wireless connection of 2.4GHz make it the best
  • Silent clicking
  • Non-slippery
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Built in batteries can damage in hot weather

Having issues figuring out the best gaming mouses under just $20? Here is how you can prioritize your needs according to the specifications.

The above listed the best gaming mouses are reviewed in a detailed way by comparing to different brands but also keeping in mind the budget that is not so heavy on anyone’s pocket.

The dpi levels are the most important aspect when you are selecting the best gaming mouses under $20. Precision is guaranteed in a gaming mouse when there are more dpi levels. Other lower dpi levels can also be used but they do not hold much importance.

There are so many other games like Call of Duty, SIMS 4, Fortnite, and the most played, famous PUBG all need a higher resolution to play. Higher levels of dpi are needed for these kinds of games.

Additionally, your hand placement is also very important when you use buttons for hours and hours long for playing or even for work. Friction resistant, less sweaty, and greasy best mouse is considered upon others. Hence, in this article, I have reviewed and recommended only those gaming mouses that are under the right budget; $20.